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Next MAsT Washington Meeting:

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 7:30 PM


Reflections on Lady Lynette’s Passing

The passing or Lady Lynette, a MTTA and MAsT Leader in our region, brings many issues to our attention. She touched many of us through her classes, the MTTA Academy and MSC. In this meeting we want to be free to address our feelings, the issues that emerge when a Master passes, the need for the support of the community, and others.

This is a special meeting and our members who have a female slave or Master, are welcome to bring them to the meeting and be part of the discussion.

This meeting will take place at Master Taíno’s home in Springfield, VA.
Members who need the address, please e-mail Master Taino to get it.
If you are new to MAsT Washington, e-mail us at with your contact information in order to receive the address.



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